Frontend Developer

Aug 9, 2021

Job Overview

  • Date Posted
    Aug 9, 2021
  • Offered Salary
    - /
  • Expiration date
    May 26, 2024

Job Description

Cybozu provides kintone - no-code enterprise application platform for teams.

You will be responsible for:

• Consulting solution for customer to use company’s platform

• Customizing application based on company’s platform according to customer’s requirements

• Customizing web application to create plugin for kintone application

• Creating client tool, mobile app to access to company’s platform

• Integrating company’s system with other cloud services such as AWS, Google Cloud Service & Microsoft Azure

• Researching & developing DX environment:

   + Creating SDK, library, UI Component, Client Tool…

   + Writing developer guide to create & customize application

   + Supporting developers who use company’s products via communities

Key Responsibilities

Skills, Experiences


  • Under 2 years of experience:

          + Experience in at least 1 programming language

          + Knowledge about HTML/CSS/JavaScript and familiar frameworks/libraries such as React, Vue.js or jQuery,...

  • From 2 years of experience: all of these requirements must be met:

          + Experience in at least 2 programming languages

          + Experience in IT field in 2 latest working years

          + From 3 years of experience:

             ++ Master of using HTML/CSS/JavaScript and familiar frameworks/libraries such as React, Vue.js or jQuery,...

             ++ Experience in cloud service (AWS/GCP/MS Azure…)

             ++ Experience in setting up CI/CD

  • General requirements:

          + Flexibility in using any programming languages

          + Familiarity with Linux or Windows development environment

          + Knowledge about:

             ++ Web application development

             ++ API architectures: RESTful, SOAP

             ++ Node Package Manager tools such as npm, yarn,...

             ++ Transpiler and build tool such as babel, webpack,...

          + Ability to read and write specification in English

          + Age: up to 27


Preferred qualifications:

• Strong experience in building scalable web applications or cloud services

• Proficiency in any of real time user experience, media streaming, touch user experience, off-line browsing, the latest web rendering (HTML5) programming skill

• Other major worldwide cloud services programming experience

• Not only software designing, but also system and infrastructure architectural designing capability

• Fluency in listening and speaking English

• Experience in UI/UX design


p/s: Only qualified candidates will be contacted for interview arrangement.

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